May 20, 2013

Elizabeth & Lloyd

Elizabeth & Lloyd's wedding was a festive and love filled affair. Lloyd is from South Africa and Elizabeth is from the midwest so people came from far and wide to attend their wedding held at Paradise Cove in Malibu. They crafted a lot of DIY elements with their family and friends to add special touches to the decor. Lloyd's grandmother sewed feet upon feet upon feet of bunting for the ceremony….I love when touching elements like this are incorporated into a wedding. Their palette was very fun to work with. A bit out of the norm from most of last year's brides and a refreshing change from the softer color schemes I had been working with at the time. Elizabeth is quite tall so I made a monstrous bouquet for her. I loved the combination of elements and colors that came together so beautifully.

Big thanks to Soda Fountain Photography for the lovely pics. Enjoy!