Aug 16, 2013

Grace & Dylan

I love a colorful wedding. Especially one with rich and interesting tones. I'll be the first to admit that the blush trend that's been going on for a few years gets a bit old for us in the wedding industry. Sure, it's pretty but it's also very limiting in the products available to use because there aren't too many blush colored flowers. It starts to feel a bit like the movie Groundhog Day when you have blush after blush after blush wedding so when presented with color schemes like Grace & Dylan's I get very excited. Bold fuchsia, rich plum, warm copper, navy blue, dark green and gold accents….yes please! I loved how this all came together at the Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs last December. I'm usually not a huge feather fan but they worked really well with the play on textures and the richer color scheme. Thanks Grace & Dylan for letting me have fun with your flowers!

Lovely photos by Sarah Yates of Birds of a Feather.