Twig & Twine is a boutique floral design studio and retail flower/gift shop located on the outskirts of Silver Lake in Los Angeles, California. We provide event-based decor, corporate or private weekly floral services, prop and botanical styling, delivered arrangements and on-the-fly bouquets for walk in customers. The shop consists of a curated selection of flowers and plants along with unique gifts, home decor, artisanal goods and other lovely treasures. 

Heather Williams, the creative director and owner of Twig & Twine, grew up wandering her family's garden and the rural landscape of her hometown in Northern California. Nature and its beauty played an important role in her upbringing so it's no surprise that later in life Heather found herself working with flowers. Over 11 years ago Heather started working at a flower shop and discovered that her background in fine art and graphic design were a great asset to her new creative undertaking. Flowers became a fresh medium in which to explore color, texture, movement and balance in which she still finds great joy.

Photos by Yuki Shingai.